Sunday, January 24, 2010

.......back to Cozy's.

Just a quicky for this week's post as we decided to balance the 'books' after last week's expensive brekky at the Empire Grill.

The thing about Cozy's is that you know what to expect; it's the MacDonald's of the 'greasy spoon' establishments.

Our waitress was 'frazzled' and her perfume was stronger than it should be and the orders were a little messed up but nothing was too much trouble to get fixed, missing beans,missing onions, extra coffee, wrong toast etc. no big shakes.

They mess up the eggs too but at under $15 for 2 breakfasts which includes coffee and a refill (the coffee is very good too) you can't really complain.

The star of any breakfast here is their bacon; now I'm a ham/pea-meal bacon guy really but this streaky bacon they serve here is great. The biggest let down is the beans.

The breakfast steak is also a bit thin but at under $10 for steak and eggs it's still a detail.

Talk of where to go next Sunday seemed to be moot, it seems we are back at Cozy's a while!


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  1. I heart Cozy's. They don't try to be anything more than they are. We stayed for over 2 hours for our $15 and were thanked for it :)