Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Breakfast (Ottawa chapter) inaugral post........a catch up, if you will.

It's not a hard concept to grasp, is it? A few people meet at 11am each Sunday for brunch and become breakfast experts or 'brekkies'. They start to wander each week in search of the best service, best sausage, best egg and cheapest bill etc.

Well, that's what we do and it occurred to me that we should probably start a blog so we can at least record for our own filing memories of where we've been and what it was like.

Obviously the first few posts will be in the form of a retroactive 'catch-up' on the many places we've already been and sampled eggs at.

You might think that cooking a decent breakfast for under $10 and serving it with a smile would be easy and every establishment would excel in this regard, you of course would be mistaken.

The blog will protect the club and have full anonymity so that we don't fall foul of the usual 'food reviewers' fallibility: being recognised.

The core crew started off with CW, MW, DK and JC and soon grew to include GJ and RJ and, of late, EK and NK (the "maybe's" we'll call those last 2).

No leader and no other agenda than eating some good breakfast fair and 'shooting the shit' for a couple hours.

Hope it's useful in your quest for the best breakfast in Ottawa.



  1. What happens at the Breakfast Club stays with the Breakfast Club.

  2. First rule of The Breakfast Club is: don't talk about The Breakfast Club!

  3. I am so hungry right about now...The Breakfast time to talk..gotta EAT.