Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Royal Wedding Breakfast #fail

So, I was one of the 'silly people' getting up at 4am last week to prepare to watch a couple of strangers get married in the presence of billions. My task was to serve Pimms, champagne and a 'full english' to my wife and a couple friends.

The day before I shopped for my ingredients. Sausage (english bangers), pea-meal bacon (closest to back bacon I could find), eggs, mushrooms and black pudding......... BUT that last item is almost impossible to locate in this country's capital city.

I failed at 3 supermarkets so when I need a specialty meat product I travel to the Glebe Meat Market. Expecting to secure said item i strolled in and looked in the freezer. Nothing! When I asked a lady behind the counter she told me, "Can't get the blood, government won't release it!"

Really? A full english without black pudding, blood pudding or Irish pudding (whatever you call it) is like hockey without a puck (not that I'm a hockey fan) but you get the idea.

Come on Canada - it's one of the best tasting parts of an 'English Fry-Up" - I'm so disappointed.

In the end I cooked some steak and kidney but it wasn't the same.

Ho hum.