Thursday, January 14, 2010


So Trella's poor performance at providing the same level of quality as their breakfast fare led us to move on to somewhere new once again and JC suggested Pubwells on Preston at Spruce.

Pubwells is a pub that serves food and, most importantly to our club, breakfast. The place is small but service is quick and friendly.

One of the nice things about the menu is that you can order a single benedict if you wish, for those with smaller appetites. The menu is standard breakfast fare with tea (non fancy) or coffee for free with your breakfast.

On the positive side, the eggs were the best and freshest eggs I've had for a long time. The hash were great but quantity was a bit low. The toast wasn't well buttered though and the patties of jam were very low quality and almost watery. One member experienced confusion with normal tea and fancy tea and cost an extra dollar or so, so check when ordering.

Overall this place is a good breakfast venue, we'll be back. 7/10.

Next week: The Empire Grill in the Market.


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