Saturday, February 27, 2010

Fontenelle Restaurant

We tried a new place for brunch last Sunday (21st Feb) which was a suggestion from GJ (aka JJ). The Fontenelle Restaurant/Diner is an unassuming place from the outside of it's location on Montreal Road, Vanier but as you enter you get the feeling that you've been here before.

The usual mix of booths, tables and bar stools exist but it all seems homely and inviting and without any pretension or aspiration.
We tried a booth but the 'seat to table' girth was a bit too restrictive, we moved to a long table at the back, were served with coffee and awaited the rest of the OBC crew.

Our waitress took our orders from the extensive and very reasonably priced menu (no fancy eggs benny here!) and memorized every order without flinching even when changes were made by a few. I always feel admiration for this waitresses 'trick' but at the same time a bit of anxiety as there always seems to be something wrong with the order.

Well, the food came amazingly quickly and apart from a couple of baked beans mix-ups the food was all delivered as ordered. The food is good and wholesome but nothing special, at these prices you get what you pay for. $6.85 for a full on 'Hungry Man #2' with toast and coffee is just ridiculously cheap and you feel a bit stupid complaining about anything.

Apparently the beans are the highlight of he meal; for me though it was the 4 types of meat on the plate; ham, sausage, bacon and bologna!!!

While we were there 3 separate groups of law enforcement ate here so it really has a range of approval 'stamps'!!

Fontenelle is akin to Cozy's with more of a diner 'feel' and slightly better prices. This place is def on our 'revisit list'.

This week we are going to retry 'Bakers Street' unless the line-up is crazy and then we'll abort.

1)No Line-ups.
2)Not too expensive.
3)Good food.
4)Good service.
5)Room for 6-10 in a group
6)Don't talk about OBC!! 

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