Sunday, January 10, 2010

To Trella we will go.....

It only took a couple of 'incidents', minor ones at that, to get us to search for a new venue and JC had heard of a new place on Preston called Trella.

It's just south of the Queensway and, on a Sunday, parking is usually easy up the Xerox side road.

I think it was the 75c peanut butter 'incident' that urged us to move on from Cozy's but it was time for a new place in any case.

Trella is a 'Mediterranean' grill and it's basically a newly designed contemporary Italian eatery that also happens to serve a good breakfast with, most of the time, excellent service (unless very busy then holes start to appear).

The coffee was free with the breakfast and peanut butter was complimentary with toast, we were happy!

All the breakfast food here is great and if they have it made when your order hits the kitchen you can also swap out the hash for garlic mash, which is divine!

They have a superb salmon benedict made more special as they add caremilised onions and a slice of cheese to the mix; my standard fair most Sunday's.

The coffee here isn't only free but very good, even the decaf' and they have a good selection of 'fancy' tea to choose from too.

Occasionally the omelets are a bit overcooked and dry and the hash is sometimes not cooked enough but other than that the breakfast menu is a delight.

One of the great things about our new venue was/is that it's a big place and almost never had we to wait for a table......unlike one attempt a year ago to get a breakfast at the Baker Street Cafe in Westboro Village.

Trella became our new venue of choice and apart from a couple trips back to Cozy's we were happy.

Then one Sunday it was busy, the service, the order and the food was crazy bad and thanks to some, what I can only describe as, "forceful complaining" by RJ that we hardly paid for a thing that day.

Even so, we started thinking the time had arrived again.

Last week (4th Jan) we decided to go a little later and try the lunch menu; not great and not as good value as the breakfast menu - the 'move' was a GO!


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  1. So long Trella - perhaps we'll see you again one day.

    MW - the Mayor of Trella