Sunday, January 10, 2010

...the beginning: Cozy's

Cozy's is an unassuming little cafe on Wellington between Irving and Fairmont

It's where it all began sometime in 2007. Four of us just sort of fell into a 'brunch thing' on a Sunday at 11am. The place we chose was Cozy's, mainly as it was, at the time, a 10 minute walk for all of us at the time.

Cozy's is actually nothing special, but it's also not really bad at all. They have a menu with the usual items on it and breakfast comes with coffee and 2 refills.

We've been on a Saturday a couple times and I would suggest it's to be avoided unless you are a fan of Euchre! If you are, this is the place to be!!!

Our group grew by a couple in this time and often had the odd guest member so that our table sizes went from 4 to sometimes 8 or even 10. I have to say that the place handles any size of group with equal ease and seldom have we had to ask for anything and wait very long.

Our orders span the menu from one egg and 2 sausage through fruit and french toast all the way to the "truckers" and the benedicts.

All the food is good, but not excellent. Sometimes the egg will be a bit harder than usual, the beans are awful, the hash is sometimes under cooked or overcooked and if you want onions with those they are sometimes the same with regard to the 'cookedness'.

The ham is thin, the sausage always a basic one and often a bit browner than you'd like but on the whole it's all a 7/10 experience. The service is fair to OK but never bad.

It gets a little frustrating when you inadvertently get that 3rd refill that costs another buck or so, especially when others at the table have not had their 2 allowable refills, and charging 75c for a patty of peanut butter is a bit 'off' but Cozy's was our staple place for about 9 moths when we decided to try somewhere new.

So Cozy's is a 7/10 and we still occassionally go back there just because it was our groups 'first' so to speak.

......and we're off to pastures new.


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