Sunday, January 10, 2010

A quick adhoc visit to The SconeWitch

Just before the Trella swap/change we tried a place we've been longing to go to for a while, The Scone Witch on Albert Street.

TSW is a small cafe on Albert next to the Alterna Bank. It has small tables and seating is chairs or stools at high tables. The menu is based around their baking of their own scones and you choose your scone of choice at the kitchen 'bar' and decide what you want with it. The food is then brought to you.

The coffee here was very good.

The scone I choose was a cheese scone and I wasn't that impressed as it was a bit dry, and got progressively dryer as it cooled down. The others ordered the platter meals that came with the best ham I've seen so far at a breakfast venue it looked and tasted like real off the bone ham, a triumph!

TSW was ok, I ordered badly (partly my fault), the stools were not comfy and the table was not big enough to fit 4 plates and 4 coffee mugs on. I had a taste of the ginger and rhubarb marmalade and it was good, not my 'bag' but I coud tell that it was special.

The thing I didn't like about this place was it was just too cramped and I didn't feel like spending a 2 hour breakfast here, not that we felt rushed - just that it wasn't very comfortable.

The Scone Witch gets 5/10.


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  1. Parking was a nightmare and it was a cold day for walking any distance. Very uncomfortable seating but a funky ambiance and def the best ham I've had in decades.