Sunday, November 13, 2011

The return to Todric's Restaurant, Vanier, Ottawa.

Sunday is a day of rest but also of change. Today we started brunch at Noon rather than our usual 11am, mainly as No.1 son needed dropping off at the 'orientation' for his new job in a new restaurant in town (more to be revealed soon). We actually also decided to move all future brunches to Noon as it was deemed far more civilised.

We also welcomed a new member to the group, voted in and everything; although she is on a probationary period of undetermined length!

The vote this week went to Todric's Restaurant on MacArthur; we've been here before but it's been a while and the last time we tried they were closed for vacations.

The coffee here is just so good, you also get unlimited refills and a decent creamer on the table and the mugs are also a decent size which avoids the request for constant refills.

The menu hasn't changed much but they do have specials on the black board.

I wasn't in the mood for too much adventure so I went with the salmon poach which is basically a salmon eggs benedict but on a toasted slice of rye bread rather than an english muffin, served with home fries and fruit. The home fries are always very well cooked here, love them crispy and crunchy.

Everyone enjoyed their plate except for the club sandwich which had no mayo on it and was really a bit tasteless but other than that, a solid performance.

The heating was on a bit high for my liking and a couple of us commented on the temp but what can you do when a kitchen is 'open' - you just 'suck it up' and get out into the fresh air ASAP, no lingering today!

Here are the pics of today's breakfast/brunch plates:

Bagel, cream cheese and salmon.

The club.

The frittata. 

Salmon Poach (benny)

The 'outing' was, as is the tradition most Sunday's, rounded off with a visit to Highjinx in Chinatown for a square and a coffee. Christmas decorations are up (Christmas starts 12th November in this establishment).

If you haven't checked out Highjinx yet, you should. They also accept items for donation and on consignment - but no clothes, just cool nic-naks and furniture.

We always end up spending a bit of cash with Karen and Leigh and it's always a pleasure to do so.

Next week? Who knows, maybe our new member will introduce us to somewhere new?

Be safe.


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  1. That food looks so good. Thank you Drude for all the info and pics. My friend and I are passing through the area and want to find a good restaurant in Ottawa. Thanks again for the article and great pictures.