Sunday, November 27, 2011

Back, back, back to the Back Lane Cafe

It seems we are addicted to this place and find ourselves in our usual seats at the Back Lane Cafe which has some nice new interior faux windows and shutters on the wall. Apparently the place became a tad noisy when busy and these new additions deaden the sound a bit. I didn't think it was a problem but in any case - they look good.

Menu additions and changes that we noticed were a Tomato tarte-tatin and the 'hash' was of the turkey variety; both were ordered. Coffee is so good here and you get nice little jugs of cream rather than those UHT packs of 18% cream. We were 7 this rainy Sunday.

As always the food not only tastes good, it looks good too - the presentation is very good. The usual rectangular plates of food were served and devoured in no time.

The turkey hash that I ordered was popular, I got the last one and it was excellent - again, just the right mix of meat, potato, onion, mushroom and salsa; that, mixed with the two eggs you get, makes this an excellent brunch plate.

The turkey hash.

The tomato tarte-tatin was apparently very good, also, and was served with a really nice rocket (arugula) salad which I tried a fork-full of. It was all good but if I was making this I would have put some shaved parmesan on the salad and maybe topped the tarte with a poached egg. 

Tomato tarte-tatin

The consumers of dishes with bacon noticed this week that the bacon was less smoked and thinner than usual; it turned out (after asking the proprietor) that their supplier didn't deliver and they had to run out and buy a replacement. Normal service will be resumed.

Again, I/We can't recommend this place enough and it seems that people agree with our assessment as the place was full and at times a short wait for a table was occurring - this is the place to brunch on a Sunday!

Now, as this review is the third I'm writing it seems fitting to add a bit of value to the post by providing a PAS (public service announcement) with regards to the opening of Fatboy's Southern Smokehouse at 34 Murray Street. If you follow the Facebook page you'll know that they have had a slight hiccup with their liquor license due to a number of residents that live across the road making a complaint, I think, based on their imaginations on the place becoming some 50's style biker hangout. 

Frankly, most bikers these days are lawyers, architects and doctors so I don't really 'get' the inference that 'biker' is any bad or negative person anyone would like to frequent their establishment.

Also, at the risk of entering into the debacle from the periphery; what did these people expect when they bought their condo in one of Ottawa's most vibrant areas with regard to nightlife? It's akin to someone buying a house in the country and then complaining that the air is too fresh, the church bells are too loud and they get stranded in winter!

Anyhow, the debacle looks like it's over and the Facebook page announced the opening date will be 11.30am on Thursday December 8th; they start their 'Gospel' brunch service on New Year's Day and the opening party is January 25th '12.

I declare an 'interest' in the place as my eldest is to be one of the chefs here - but the place will be reviewed for brunch without any favouritism! ;-))

I have to say that smoked pulled pork with a trio of eggs and baked beans maybe with some corn bread on the side just sounds extremely yummy, even though no menu has been produced yet for brunch!

Too many exclamation marks in this post - but who cares about that? My old english teacher doesn't read this!!!!!

Until next week, be safe,


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