Sunday, November 6, 2011

Back to the Back Lane Cafe!

Seldom do we all agree to visit a new place again so quickly, but the Back Lane Cafe had so many great sounding (and tasting) items on their brunch menu last week that another visit was in order so that we may quench ourselves of the 'fare'.

I don't know if I just hadn't found them or they set it up in the last week but they have a Twitter account now, so you can follow them (@backlanecafe) and this was the way that I reserved this week (via DM) so as to avoid the table debacle from last week. UPDATE - they now have a Facebook page, get to it here.

This week we were a 7 and were given the same two round 4 tops as last time. We are also 'rumbled' this week as the owner had read the blog, in fact he has been a reader for about a year; who knew our humble little blog would get so famous?!

So food was ordered and served and it all looked just as good as it did last Sunday, this time pictures were taken. Ketchup was brought along in a little jar but wasn't needed as the BLC now serve ketchup and it's homemade AND it was a real hit with everyone who used it - BONUS POINT!

The 'scramble'; with beans, bacon and bulgar pilaf.

The BLC changes their menu from week to week which is great and it's the way it should be with all food establishments - if you don't at least see a specials board you know that the menu is stagnent and the chef doesn't really have any ambition. The only time when changing the menu is bad in any way is when you return to try something and it's been changed or is omitted. This was my experience today as I was really looking forward to the duck pastrami hash. The replacement was a corned beef hash served with two poached (perfectly) eggs and toasted mini baguette. Gorgeous! The hollandaise, egg and salsa goes so well with the spicy hash which had potato, mushrooms and sweet peppers in it. It was so good I forgot all about the duck pastrami.

The corn beef hash.

Others had the 'scramble' which is the nearest you get at the BLC to a 'normal' breakfast, another had the omelette and a new item; raspberry pancakes with bacon and fruit. 

The owner and staff at the BLC are very friendly and attentive and the atmosphere makes for a very restful and laid-back brunch. I/We can't recommend this place enough.

Raspberry pancakes with bacon and fruit.
To finish off the meal they serve raspberry jam/preserve which is aslo made in-house and tastes great on the toasted bread.

If we didn't think that going back here next week was excessive (with a need to try other places) we'd be eating here almost every week, but 'duty' calls.

The omelette with goats cheese and arugula/parmesan.
So, next week we are going 'off piste' a little and trying out the brunch menu at one of the Local Heroes in Ottawa, more specifically the one on Bank Street as we have 'connections' there now!! 

Until next week, Ottawa, we wish you a fantastic week.

Drude (not a trucker).

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