Friday, November 25, 2011

Art-Is-In update, follow-up and report.

In my review of Art-Is-In bakeries brunch a few weeks ago I made reference to an improvement that they could make with regard to increasing their floor space and seating area. Well, I popped in for a coffee and a croissant this morning and they've taken down a wall and added 2 more tables and about 10 chairs.

I have no idea if this is in any way connected to our OBC blog nor do I know if the owners even read it but I'd like to think that at least we think alike and that they identified the same need and acted accordingly.

The new seating area doesn't look finished and probably there is more work planned, but as it stands now the seating is close to a giant mixer which is fascinating to watch with all the ingredients being added. I hope this feature is kept - like a bakery version of a 'chef's table' - they just need to tart up the area maybe with perspex screens so the 'audience' don't get splattered and for the usually 'nanny-like' health and safety rules.

Who doesn't want to have their croissant and coffee while the mixer mixes the next day's bread?

Until the Sabbath,


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