Monday, March 1, 2010

Baker Street, FAIL

About a year ago we attempted a brunch at Baker Street (385 Richmond Road), we parked, entered and were faced with a 45 minute wait for a table. We decided to abort and eneded up at one of our usual places instead. This last Sunday we attempted again as we keep hearing good things about the place.

We tried to go a little earlier but as we entered we were, again, faced with a wait but being 2nd in line wasn't so bad, so we stood waiting for 15 minutes.

Not once did one of the wait staff  acknowledge us in any way. Then we noticed that no one was close to finishing. As we said this a waitress heard us and said, "Yeah, they are all just getting their food, it'll be a while - probably 30 minutes."

This place is a disaster for brunch as far as we are concerned. One thing that puzzles us is that they seem to close a section off that could seat about 12 more customers, maybe they are under-staffed but we'll never know.

One of our top rules of OBC is that we don't line up, so sorry Stoneface Dolly, you'll NEVER see our club at your cafe and nor will Baker Street ever again! There are plenty of other places that can cook an egg.

Anyway we fell back on Cozy's and had a great brunch!

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  1. I have partaked in this Westboro popular eatery before but the line up sucks everytime I go there..the staff do treat you like you are invisible..and diners just stare at you like you have a disease and don't belong in the transparently Glebe wannabes..BUT..I do enjoy their food especially their big sausages..currently on Atkins diet..meat and protein..gimme gimme gimme...they give you a thermos of hot coffee at your table..or at least they used too...I hate waiting in line too for brekkie in this "I want now world that we live in" attitude..just a grumpy need my morn coffee kind of guy...move along minnions.