Sunday, March 28, 2010

Dim Sum at the Yangtze

When the core of one's club swells with a couple of out of town guests there is no better place to go for a big table than a dim sum breakfast, if you remember to reserve a big round table that is!!

The 'out-of-towners' were up for a new experience having not had dim sum for brekkie before but it's not for everyone and with the addition of the most senior of our group (NK) we were a very lucky '8'.

The Yangtze is one of the largest Chinese restaurants in Chinatown and is well know for good dim sum.

It is good, but there are highlights depending on your taste. The consensus is that the pork and shrimp 'shui my' is the best around as well as the BBQ pork bun. I usually can't eat eggplant but the braised eggplant that they serve here is so yummy I could eat JUST that for the whole meal, unfortunately it only made one 'stop' at our table until after we were too full to eat anything else!

Dim sum is one of the easiest foods to order. The food makes the way to your table from the kitchen on many trolleys that cruise around the tables and you either pass or accept a plate, steamer or dish of whatever takes your fancy. As you accept the food your bill is stamped and at the end of the meal they are added up and you pay your bill.

The only bad thing about dim sum is that when you've had your fill it seems as if the better stuff then makes its way from the kitchen. It seems the lunch dim sum menu is a bit different to the earlier food that comes out and it all looks so good you really wish you could start all over again.

Dim sum is one of the best breakfasts and it's good vale too. Waistline watchers beware though it is NOT diet food!

Next week: back to our default; Fontenelle! hey do actually have the best 'chips' (read french fries) in Ottawa.


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