Sunday, March 14, 2010

Resto Chez Mo-Nik

The suggestion was to venture into QB this Sunday to sample some "petit-dejeuner"!!

So off we drove to the other side of the river and found a little place on St.Joseph called Resto Chez Mo-Nik. As the 6 of us entered it was a bit "Slaughtered Lambesque"!! If you've seen American Werewolf in London you'll know what I mean!

The place was` packed and sitting at the bar we were served coffee and within 10 mins a couple of 2 tops were slammed together for the 6 of us! We didn't really fit around these two tables and we were really in the way for servers and other customers but that's what we were given and that's what we had to endure.

The wait staff were efficient and spoke enough English to serve us well. We all ordered the usual, nothing exotic, eggs benny, western sandwiches and combos.

Coffee was free flowing and free (an important rule) and our food arrived in a few minutes; some incorrect orders regarding type of toast and onions with the hash etc. The food here is ok, nothing special. The place is just too busy and crowded and makes you feel as if you are just 'in the way'.

Will we revisit? NO!

Next week = back to Fontenelle to have more of the best fries/chips in the world!

Resto Chez Mo-Nik gets a poor 4/10



  1. I agree...I was more interested in the cast of characters and that is including their staff..and the person who sat very close to my right had a pungent body odour that just made me nauceous..Quebec locals are quite special...special visual cues like their hair, makeup wardrobe dark tans in the daytime..glamour on a sunday morning..just sayin..go figure..oh the food was passable at best..Fontenelle my heart and clogged arteries want you back in my routine.

  2. Hi, I understand your feelings about this restaurant. They improved a lot since 2010, more seats, they opened a section in the back with 12 seats, the staff and the meals are better. Monique (the owner) is really open about comments on her restaurant.

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