Sunday, December 18, 2011

Nate's Deli, Merivale Road, Ottawa

Just the two of us this week for Sunday brunch and as we took the dog to Petsmart for a Christmas groom we decided to try Nate's Deli which is the new site of the famous Nate's that used to be opposite the Bytown Cinema on Rideau Street.

Nate's was an institution that was demolished to make way for something new that wouldn't ever be as good as the old place but apparently the owner thought it was time so they sold and the place was replaced with a Shoppers Drugmart (I think - who cares?).

After a year this place sprang up where Cora's used to be on Merivale and Nate's Mk2 was born.

I'd never eaten at the old place so I have nothing to compare but my smoked salmon benny was perfect - the egg was soft, the hollandaise tasty - even if it has slightly split - and the salmon actually tasted of salmon - a rarity nowadays!

Mrs Drude had the breakfast club which, strangely, had no mayo on it and was a bit dry - but served with a pile of fruit which kept her happy (and dipping her dry club in my leftover hollandaise sauce).

Coffe was ok but charged for ($2.25 - we had 2 refills) - this is a deli place that serves breakfast rather than a greasy spoon and the menu makes for an interesting read - sandwiches all seem to have chopped liver in them and are named after local celebs, Max Keeping, Alanis, Pierre Trudeau - you get the picture.

The food here is good - I'd rather come for a lunch and have one of the sandwiches but breakfast fare is good.

It's definitely on the list for the full 'club' meet in the new year.......which brings me nicely to wish you all a Merry Christmas (or whatever you celebrate) and a great 2012.

Be safe.

The Drude.

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