Sunday, December 11, 2011

Another chance for the new Cozy's to shine.......a deconstruction.

I always thought that Cozys should have an apostrophe, as per the restaurant of Cozy, thus: Cozy's - I'll get to the bottom of this at some stage but it now appears they have added the '! Anyway, we went for an 'economy' breakfast this week and there were going to be a lot of us so we decided the big table at Cozy's would do just fine. As it turned out a couple of the 'Club' were at a concert in NYC and another was starting to feel ill so it was just a '6' this week rather than the potential 11 it could have been.

Cozy's underwent a bit of a make-over a couple months ago and when we tried it then we were not that impressed by the changes, I guess we were ready to see if improvements had been made. As it turned out, they changed the menu just a few days ago!! (Nothing huge, btw)

The service was attentive but a little bit haphazard with orders that were brought to the table with the wrong toast or missing toast or an order missed completely. The food, generally, was ok - but it's hard to mess up toast, egg, beans and some bacon - or is it????

I always have the 'Trucker's' - which should, but does not, have an apostrophe in the new menu - so lets take this plate item by item for a full deconstruction?

We'll start with the positive - 3 x soft poached eggs; perfectly cooked but these must be the smallest hen eggs in Ontario! I didn't know you could get XS eggs. That's not excess but extra small.

The 3 strips of back bacon were tasty and well cooked.

The 3 small breakfast sausages could have been full of sawdust for all I could taste.

The slice of ham - same, no taste to it whatsoever.

The home fries - these have changed - no longer do you get small cubed potato pieces but slices that are undercooked and covered in a powder that could be paprika - but as this powder tastes of nothing it could be anything. It's possible these also come from a bag - but I can't say that for certain.

The onions that were requested on the homefries - mild flavour and undercooked, no colour on them at all.

Side of beans - from the cheapest can of beans you could find anywhere.

3 rounds of buttered toast - well toasted!

Decent coffee.

That little lot costs $10.50 and 99c for the beans - $11.50 give or take a penny.

If they served a better sausage (just one that tasted of something sausage-like), improved the ham and reverted to the old home-fries with crispy cooked onion this would be a great deal and a great breakfast - as it stands it's low on the totem pole of brunch experiences from my perspective.

Maybe next Sunday we'll go to Ikea and see what you get for $1 - I'm hearing good things, not that I'm unaware of the Ikea breakfast, I've indulged many times and always enjoyed it but keep forgetting to order 2 breakfasts! maybe the new bigger Ikea serves a bigger $1 brekky!

It's been a strange old week; coming back from Montreal last weekend to a very poorly kitten who had to be put to sleep on Tuesday didn't help the week go well; we went to the soft opening night of Fatboy's Smokehouse in the market on Tuesday night (Son is a chef there); found our new kitten on Thursday; picked him up on Friday.

Then with those surfer dudes from the Amazing race who got sent packing but won almost all the legs of the race to-date and the appalling and spineless judging fiasco on X-Factor USA (from that Nicole women) I'm in a bit of a flux this week - I hope December gets better.

Until next week, be safe.

The Drude

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