Thursday, November 15, 2012

Media event advice......

Look, this blog is tiny - it probably has a hand-full of readers, mostly friends and a a few locals who are interested in food of the brunch/egg variety!

I really don't expect to be invited to every new restaurant opening or special event - it's not like I weald some local power over Ottawa to somehow get them to go to places to eat.

So, when I do get invited to an opening AND I'm not working AND I have nothing better to do I'll pop along and snap a pic or two and probably FB, Instagram or maybe even blog about it.

The other evening I got an email from the events/PR firm Knock-On-Wood to attend a media tour of the new Real Sports Bar on George Street  11am -1pm, I was free then (planned on seeing Skyfall at 1pm) and had an hour to have a look-see at what a modern sports bar looked like - I'm not really into sports so I doubt I'd be a regular customer here unless they showed the Rugby Six Nations and World Cup on their giant screen!

Anyway my son and I pop along and we find the place and it looks like they are still working on the place - the doors are propped open with boxes, the entrance way is cluttered with building 'stuff' and as we enter I asked if we had the right place/right time. "Oh, yes!" said a girl/waitress/pr girl - who knows - that was about it on the greeting side of the equation!!

Inside was no better, the builders were in the process of finishing off the front seating area but still had power tools and hardware all over the place, the floors were covered with plaster dust and work boot footprints, there was still a elevation platform in the bar and we just sort of stood with the few others there not really knowing what to do - or what to make of the situation.

We sat down after about 5 minutes and waited. We waited. No food was offered, no drink was offered, no greeting was offered. I was hungry and thirsty especially with the promise of food to photograph and sample!

After 15 minutes we left - they were just giving out bottles of water! Bottles of water! 

I've been to a lot of events and launch parties - I've even hosted a few myself - I know things go wrong but the skill from a PR/events/communications company perspective is how you deal with the 'bumps' - no one dealt with these bumps from what we experienced and it left a bit of a sour taste.

We made the effort to come down, paid for parking and then was just left feeling as if we came on the wrong day!

Events people - I don't expect invites but when I get them and I attend - I want to be greeted, offered a drink and maybe some literature and if there is a 'situation' you need to admit it - and then tell me what is going on and what the alternative plan is - if it was my event - I would be saying to people, "hey, the builders are a bit late finishing, you are welcome to wait for 15-20 minutes until we can start or here is a voucher to come back for a complimentary 'whatever' once we open."

Reputation is everything in this small town, isn't it?


  1. Minor note, but I think you meant "Wield".

  2. I am one of those PR girls, and I'm a bit alarmed you had such an unforuntate experience.

    The tasting began at 11, with a second group coming at 12. Those who arrived outside those times were to be directed upstairs, to join the group. Part of the excitement of coming for the tasting before the restaurant opens, is that it's a bit chaotic, you get to see the 'behind the scenes' before the grand opening.

    Press were to be directed upstais, to enjoy a pretty stunning set up of food, and beverages. I'm not exactly sure how no one brought you upstairs, but we would love the chance to make a new first impression. You missed out on a great tasting, and we'd like to make sure you have the opportunity to come back, and see Real Sports at its best.

    Are you interested/available to come in for a private tasting at Real Sports next week? Please get in touch with, so we can work on making this right for you.

    - Stephanie

    1. Hi Stephanie, We actually arrived at 10:55 - there were others who were there waiting with us too so we were not the only ones who fell through the cracks. We were there for 15 minutes and left only when we were offered a bottle of water!

      I appreciate the offer but I don't think it's worth another visit, I am a blogger of a small blog and I work a lot - maybe we'll come in and try the place for brunch one sunday - thanks for replying to the blog post.

      As I said above, it's par for the course that things go wrong - I just didn't feel as if we experienced any rectification or communication at the time.


  3. Okay but more importantly, how was the water?