Sunday, April 22, 2012

Berryman's Pub

Ok, so it's been a while since we all went out to brunch and what a brunch to come back to - full of drama , good food, bad food, good service and tasty pulled pork bennys - OR not?

Berrymans is on Bank just south of Gladstone and it's a small sports bar that offers a limited brunch menu - one which we sampled today.

Coffee was good - big mugs and tasty.

Breakfast menu was a small one - and most items included their pulled pork, even the benny had pulled pork!

When the food came the main problem was that the 'hash' was grey in colour (a sure sign that the potato wasn't freshly grated and probably made well in advance) and mine was even raw in the middle which suggested that the potato was pre-grated and kept in small batches in a fridge!! Who does that? Berrymans!

Complaint was taken and the waitress offered replacement fries or sweet potato fries which came and were GREAT!

The hash is quite visible in the pics - it looks like a pile of undercooked onion - anyway I have to say that, for me, this was the only low point of the brunch as the pulled pork benny was superb - even the hollandaise was tasty (and it had split too!).

Some thought the pulled pork was either too spicy, too dry or just not good - I disagree as it was spicy it was a bit dry but that is what made is tasty!

One mistake (the bloody awful hash) isn't enough to not recommend this place. It's actually ok - but that hash made me shudder a bit!

The plates were not pretty. A garnish of a slice of tomato just doesn't pretty up a plate.

Service was excellent and when we lodged our complaint she was quick to resolve the issue.

My main concern is: who at Berrymans let that plate past the pass with that grey mound of crap that they called hash?

Anyway - try this place - the pulled pork IS spicy but worth a punt. Just watch out for the grey potato hash.

Until next week or the next....


  1. As a new reader but a die hard bruncher, I wish to know the criteria used to select the venues you visit..hash aside..there should be more of a draw to go.

  2. Criteria used: has to serve brunch and has to be in the Ottawa area.
    I don't understand the bit about "there should be more of a draw to go" - generally we/I review based on my experience and the general experience of the group.

    1. Thanks for the reply..being local and a brunch it