Friday, January 20, 2012

Brunch tips for the weekend in Ottawa...

It occurred to me recently that I do a weekly review of places we (Ottawa Breakfast Club) brunch and maybe it's about time to do the odd 'tip' post based on and collated from these reviews - a service within a service, if you will.

Maybe you are searching for a place to go this weekend and rather than reading every blog post I could help out a little by providing a mini round-up of places you should go to. Of course there are always the Cora's and Denny's of this world and I'm not be-smudging them but they are just not the kind of places we like to go, we tend to lean less towards the chain establishments.

So how is the best way to set this out for you? I think probably we'll have a go at geographically and see how it goes.

Starting off in the DownTown core I would suggest trying the Scone-witch, it's a little small for my hulking frame but the food is very good, especially the off-the-bone ham they served last time we were there. I don't think there was ever a review written but the link will get you to their location. Update: There was a blogpost...  here.

In the Market area there are several places to go but I'd recommend either the Empire Grill or The Courtyard Restaurant. Strangely I've not posted about either of these places due, probably to the fact that I had a bit of an apathy attack last year and didn't post for a while - these places have fallen through that crack, well more like a crevasse! UPDATE: found the  post for the Empire Grill - link changed above. The Empire grill is mid-priced and always good among the usual plates they do a very nice breakfast salad and they sometimes have a breakfast pizza on the list which is good too. The Courtyard is a bit pricier but worth it - it's fine dining and you will probably have to make reservations. For a simple diner brunch there is always Zaks Diner.

Moving out West I'd certainly go for the Back Lane Cafe in Hintonburg - really can not recommend this place enough - you'll have to reserve a table it's not huge. There are three posts on the Back Lane Cafe - I link to just the one here.

Further out West and I'd go for Ralph and Sons in the Crystal Bay area or further out in Bells Corner's you'll find Zola's, both worthy of the drive.

In the South I can really only, so far, recommend Nate's Deli - a resurrection from the Nate's that used to be downtown and very good. Instead of breakfast why not try one of the celeb sandwiches - next time I go there I think that's what I'm doing.

Go East and there are several in the Vanier/Montreal Road area - always good is Todrics and of course our favourite place to date - Fraser Cafe on Springfield which apparently isn't in Vanier at all but as it's north of Beechwood it's in New Edinburgh - wherever it is it's good - need reservations too.

This isn't an exhaustive list by any means - just some pointers off the top of my bald head. Enjoy your eggs!

This Sunday we return to an old favourite for a traditional diner brunch - location secret! Don't want to be signing autographs  - interferes with the egg fest! ;-)

Have a great weekend.


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  1. Good toast-post. Just goes to show that here are great places to brunch, of a Sunday morning, all over Ottawa. And that we are not geographically biased.