Wednesday, October 26, 2011

2 in the same week? Art-Is-In bakery; a belated blog post.

I got my thinking cap on this morning and remembered that we did, indeed, go to somewhere new (to the OBC) recently but I didn't post anything. This post hopefully rectifies that omission.

Art-Is-In bakery and cafe is in a strange location, not for a bakery, but for a cafe/bistro type affair. City Centre is a well known light industrial complex that, among other businesses, houses printers, laminators, framers and dry cleaners. So you don't expect to find a medium sized bakery selling it's wares, soups, sandwiches and, of course, coffee.

It works, though.

We decided to try out AII's brunch menu a few weeks ago. I'd already tried their AMAZING croissants and I have to state here and now that they are the BEST in town (the French Bakery on Murray comes a close second in my book).

The cafe seating area is mainly benches and long tables with a small couch and coffee table and also a stool/bar area in the window. When this place gets busy it can get cramped but that is all part of the ambience of the place. We found that after you lined up and ordered your breakfast choice, got a coffee and paid - tables sort of free up, magically.

We got a long table and as there were 8 of us it was still cozy but in a good way. While our food was being prepared we were able to watch the customers coming in and getting bread, croissants and coffee to go and it's a mixed bunch. People seem to come from all around. People seem to travel to get here too, it's a big draw when you produce breads of this quality.

Breakfast was superb with the highlight being a fennel sausage.

This place would be on our regular list if the seating area could be a bit bigger. I imagine the unit has enough room to re-jig the layout but I have no idea if the owners are thinking of doing that.

Art-Is-In bakery gets a 8/10 but would get a 9 if seating was super-sized.


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