Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Royal Wedding Breakfast #fail

So, I was one of the 'silly people' getting up at 4am last week to prepare to watch a couple of strangers get married in the presence of billions. My task was to serve Pimms, champagne and a 'full english' to my wife and a couple friends.

The day before I shopped for my ingredients. Sausage (english bangers), pea-meal bacon (closest to back bacon I could find), eggs, mushrooms and black pudding......... BUT that last item is almost impossible to locate in this country's capital city.

I failed at 3 supermarkets so when I need a specialty meat product I travel to the Glebe Meat Market. Expecting to secure said item i strolled in and looked in the freezer. Nothing! When I asked a lady behind the counter she told me, "Can't get the blood, government won't release it!"

Really? A full english without black pudding, blood pudding or Irish pudding (whatever you call it) is like hockey without a puck (not that I'm a hockey fan) but you get the idea.

Come on Canada - it's one of the best tasting parts of an 'English Fry-Up" - I'm so disappointed.

In the end I cooked some steak and kidney but it wasn't the same.

Ho hum.


  1. Should have tried the Quebec side and asked for "boudin"! Almost the same thing. I don't know if the big grocery stores carry them but I think most butcher shops do. Maybe for the next royal wedding :-)

  2. Pea meal BACON? ... PEA MEAL BACON!?!!!!!!!!
    That's NOT bacon you idiot, that's HAM! If you can't tell the difference, then you don't know anything about what pig meat is made into!!!!!!!!

    Call this a blog about Full English Breakfast? It's more a blog about food ignorance!

    This is from a REAL ENGLISHMAN by the way & NOT a Canadian!!!

  3. I just noticed the 'hate' post above from some WANKER who can't read properly when the post reads, "...the closest I could get to back bacon..." this TWAT decides to write a HATE comment about the fact that I don't understand " what pig meat is made into...." - Aitch56 - GO FUCK YOURSELF! I'm frankly sick of these people leaving comments of hate especially when they have not understood the post. So, really just FUCK OFF.

  4. BTW -after a few seconds I found this on Wikipedia:

    Peameal bacon is back bacon, brined and coated in fine cornmeal


    NOT HAM! You 'pig meat' ignorant FUCKER!