Sunday, December 5, 2010


It had to happen didn't it?

A couple of us decided to 'slum' it and try a fast food breakfast for a change 'down'. McDonalds on Merivale was chosen as it's one of the newer locations.

We found seats by the TV and the fire that was almost like a VIP 'club' area with nice tub chairs.

The rule wrt ordering more than one breakfast was suspended this week and therefore we could sample the range of the menu.

Breakfast burritos, sausage and egg McMuffins 'Big Breakfasts' were all sampled and enjoyed.

I like McDonalds' breakfasts but I'm not keen on their burgers. However, their coffee is outstanding and to my mind is the best 'drip' coffee out there. Burger King could learn a thing or two from the golden arches on that front!

Not everyone saw the reasoning behind doing MaccyD's but I have to say it was a great success and I'd do it again anytime.

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